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Ultraceuticals Vita-REPAIR Skin Workout Facial Treatment


Ultraceuticals Skin Workout treatments (often referred to as skin peels) aim to rejuvenate skin through accelerated exfoliation. These treatments have been developed to quickly refresh and restore skins youthful appearance.

A Lactic Acid Peel can be beneficial for a range of skin concerns, from acne, to UV damage, fine lines and pigmentation. A naturally occurring ingredient, Lactic Acid can be found in some plants and fruits, but research has recently found a way to integrate it into skin care.

When brought into contact with our skin, Lactic Acid works to dissolve the bond that holds dead skin cells to our skin’s surface. By ridding our skin of these dead cells, we can help to treat some of the signs of hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and roughness, not to mention freeing up blocked pores that can contribute towards acne.

Once the layer of dead skin cells has been removed, a fresh layer of skin is revealed with a smoother texture. The beauty of the Lactic Acid Peel is that it can also assist in hydration to create a more plump and radiant complexion.

Before your first treatment, your skin technician will prepare your skin by suggesting a home use treatment serum containing Lactic Acid (e.g. Even Skintone Serum). The peel will be applied to the skin for a set time and then easily removed with water. Lactic Acid Peels deliver fast results and actively work to resurface and improve your skin’s moisture levels while restoring clarity and skin luminosity.

There is usually very little sensation with a Lactic Acid Peel and minimal visible down time. This is one of the reasons a Lactic Acid Peel has often been affectionately labelled a ‘lunch time peel’ – you can pop out at lunch for quick peel and no one will be any the wiser!

It is recommended to have a course of treatments to get the most out of your peels – six treatments, two weeks apart will help you to see real visible results in 90 days. To get the most out of your Lactic Acid Peel, your skin technician will likely recommend that you follow up your treatment with Lactic Acid skin care products at home in a long-term care programme.

*We recommend an Ultra Skin Consult before your first Ultraceuticals treatment to ensure the best possible results.  The consult will take twenty to thirty minutes.  We can add this to your booking when you call or you can select a consult when you book online.  

You can upgrade this treatment by adding a Vitamin Infusion with UltraSonophoresis

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