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How to calm facial redness - Roasacea alert!

How to calm facial redness - Roasacea alert!

21st Aug 2019

It's winter and for a lot of people that means Roasacea. The cold air, indoor heating and wind chill can cause flare ups and redness. There is a treatment regime that can help. ⠀

Protect your skin from sun exposure every day with a UV Protective Moisturiser.⠀
Apply topical products that provide support to the surface layers (lipid shield) of the skin.⠀
Book a skin consultation to allow a qualified skin therapist to thoroughly examine your skin and decide on an action plan to treat your sensitive skin without causing further irritation.⠀
Ulraceuticals Red Action Moisturiser is at the heart of our plan to repair Rosacea prone skin.⠀
Come in and let one of our Ultra Expert Therapists help you start the pathway to calmer, less sensitive skin today. Book online from our website, from google or call 9364 6414⠀