​Have you tried our new Micro Facial?

​Have you tried our new Micro Facial?

31st Jul 2020

Micro Facial? Is that a really small facial?
Well no it's actually our new express Microdermabrasion treatment. We have been asked by a lot of clients if we had just micro as a facial and now we do.
This fast but super effective facial uses the power of our diamond wand microdermabrasion machine to really refresh your skin.
It's perfect for

  • good, deep and instant exfoliation
  • great starting point for a new skin care program, (think clean slate)
  • once a month (or every few months) skin boost
  • great add on to your regular waxing or mani pedi appointment
  • for all skin types and ages, teens and our male clients

Our Micro Facial is forty five minutes and there is no down time. We even apply a calming treatment mask to soothe your skin and best of all it's only $79. Call 9364 6414 today or book online