Côte Noire Fragrant Flowers

Côte Noire Fragrant Flowers

7th Oct 2020

Have you seen these beauties in our reception area? 

We are now stocking the gorgeous Côte Noire Fragrant Flowers. They are amazingly lifelike and come in vases with realistic looking water.
The blooms look and feel real and come with French rose scented perfume that you spray onto the petals. It makes the room smell devine. The arrangements come in different sizes and colours from white through to dark crimson.
Each is packed in a stunning box and they are perfect as a gift. The smaller tea rose and five flower arrangements are $65 and the biggest grand arrangement is $199. We think that is great value compared to a few bunches of real roses.
More stock is on the way ready for Christmas. Check them out when you next visit.