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About Elements Beauty Spa

Let us help you relax, feel comfortable and take the first step to feeling great

A place where you can feel comfortable

If there is one thing that can really sum up just how people feel after a visit to Elements Beauty Spa its comfortable. And it's really important to us as a team that our clients feel that way.  Whether it's the warm and welcoming environment, our happy and friendly team or the easy to follow education we give them about their skin concerns our philosophy of providing a place where everyone can feel comfortable shines through.  

At Elements Beauty Spa we are a single Skin, Spa and Beauty destination. Unlike specialist salons, spas and clinics we can offer you a range of different services all in the one location. We’ve taken the time to create the best client experience we can with our focus being all about you.

Specialised Treatments and Skin Care

Whilst we do offer an amazing range of Spa and Beauty treatments at Elements Beauty Spa, it’s our Skin services where we really shine.  We have introductory treatments for the start of your skin journey right through to powerful advanced facials using the most effective products and modalities.  

Led by Dermal Therapist Maddy, our team of expert therapists help people who are unhappy with the look and feel of their skin get skin that feels great and makes them feel happy. Our team want you to have that moment when you can look in the mirror and think I feel good about myself and today is going to be a great day.

We start everyone at the beginning with our first step, our in depth consultation. It's a conversation where we listen as you tell us about your skin, how it makes you feel and what you would like to change. We don't make you fill out pages of forms. Instead, we sit and talk with you and use what you tell us to work out what the very best way forward is for you and your skin.

If you are unsure where to start, have had consults before that led to expensive and complicated skin routines or complicated treatment plans, maybe you want something that is not invasive but need to be sure you will see real, visible results.  We understand.  We are here to take you on that first step and then go at your pace and within your budget to help you achieve amazing skin.   


Meet Pamela

Pamela has owned Elements Beauty Spa for over twenty one years.  Her background was originally as a CPA but after she purchased the Annabelle Beauty Salon back in 2002 she undertook her beauty qualifications and found her passion as a salon owner.
A name change was next then after fifteen years a move to our current location meant renovating a lovely older style house in the heart of the City Of Melville.  Add to this a Diploma in Salon Management and Pamela has the location, team and knowledge to really give her clients what they are looking for when it comes to Skin, Spa and Beauty.

Take a tour of our Applecross salon and skin clinic


Meet The Elements Team



Jay joins us from Manchester in the UK. She is focused on you and making your visit with our team as special as it can be. She is also a very talented lash and brow artist with a keen eye to detail.



Zoe is bright, bubbly and very experienced. She has an extensive career in beauty and a fabulous rapport with her clients. She has two beautiful children and shares two British Shorthair cats with her mum.



Hazel is really committed to giving each and everyone of her clients the results they are looking for.  From and amazing massage that leaves you floating  to a course of skin treatments that help work on your specific concern.  Hazel has a horse that she loves and even loves giving him a massage too.  .



Mischa is still at school but has been working on the weekends with our team for some time.  She is completing a traineeship.  We love her enthusiasm and how keen she is to work in our industry.